July 16, 2014

the why // for me

Finding energy and time (and reliable wifi) to post, while being constantly on the move, has been proven impossible! I am going to wait until I'm back in Toronto to write my stories.

Today is the 62nd day of my trek and I wanted to share the main reason of why I left the safety and comforts of home two months ago.

I had to go on this trip because I needed to know I could.

Most of who I am, is by choice.

I am always smiling, because I know how it feels to drown in sorrow.
I am determined, because I've given up too easily so times before.
I am open, because it is all too easy to close myself off from everyone and everything.
I am brave, because otherwise I would be frozen with fear. (Honestly I'm the biggest chicken inside)
I embrace being different, because I spent a significant part of my childhood trying to fit in.

I am who I am, because I refuse to let myself stand in my own way.

You can't change how you feel about things, but you can change the course of action you take as a result of how you feel. So many "what ifs" make me question my self and my decisions, but I make a conscious effort to not to let them get to me and just push forward.

At the end of my time, I want to know that I spent my life, LIVING (cheese alert) and that I made it count by doing things that give me fulfilment.

Before I left, I wasn't exactly unhappy but I felt stuck, as if I was idly waiting for days to come and go.

I know at the end of this trip, I get to walk away knowing that, the things I want, aren't so out-of-reach. That it is just a matter of deciding if something is worth it and taking the leap.

Realistically there is no one fix solution and it is very possible that I will slip back into old routines, but for now I'm going to enjoy every last moment of this trip and the feeling that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I didn't go on this adventure because I love travelling, I HAD to go, to find out what I am made of.

- Min

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  1. Bravo! :) I love this post. It's good to know "things I want aren't so out of reach" :-)