June 12, 2014

guesthouse // hiroshima

Currently, I'm chowing down on some Kaya toast with soft-broiled eggs in Singapore's Changi airport awaiting a connecting flight. The last 4 weeks in Japan few by so quickly. The last city I was in, Hiroshima, made me still wish I had more time. While in Hiroshima, I stayed at Akicafe Inn Guesthouse. This is the first guesthouse I've stayed at and I wish I had tried them out sooner! (I booked through expedia and it was only 2000 yen, or roughly $20 per night)

When I arrived, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very clean, comfortable and had a great vibe.

What does a Japanese guesthouse look like?

There were female and male dorms with bunk beds, a spotless communal kitchen with laundry machines, and shared washing stations/washrooms. Best of all there was even entertainment to keep you occupied! Check out this blast from the past! They also had the latest Wii system and brand new games. There was even a library of Japanese Manga available for reading.

The best part, which is probably also what could make the experience a hit-or-miss, are the other people staying. A girl, Lynn from Hong Kong arrived the same night as me. She just graduated from university and is travelling in Japan until mid-June. Our names rhymed so obviously we hit it off and ended up going to Miyajima together.

The other guests I came across were all very nice. I spent some time chatting with a young architect from Tokyo who was on vacation by himself.

Lynn and I were the only non-Japanese guests, and she speaks Japanese, so I really got to feel super immersed during my stay. Will definitely be trying out some more during my trip at future destinations!

- Min

Have you stayed at a guesthouse before? Did you enjoy it?

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