May 19, 2014

cat cafe // nekorobi in ikebukuro

Today I went to one of Tokyo's many cat cafes, Nekorobi, located in Ikebukuro. Despite the fact that I have cat allergies, a cat cafe was one of the first things on my wishlist of things to experience in Japan. Yes I clearly have my priorities straight.

Cat cafes for those who don't suffer from cat-person-syndrome, is exactly what it sounds like, a cafe with cats. Popularized in Asia because many people are unable to keep a pet due to strict pet guidelines in apartments/condos. In Japan the cafes have to follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety and health of their cats before getting a license.

For ¥1000 (approx. $10) you get to spend one hour playing with the kitties and unlimited drinks from a vending machine. The cat have free run of the cafe, running and jumping wherever they want. To be honest most of the cats were disinterested, likely due to the fact that tons of people come in and out on a daily basis.

I would suggest not going too early in the morning, they will have just been fed and want to nap, meaning your hand is an annoyance they will try to avoid. With some patience, they  do come around.

The staff at the cafe were really nice and spoke English very well. It was just a relaxing way to kill an hour of time. There are 13 cats at this particular cafe, each with their own profile listed on the website. Almost like a kitty dating profile to help you choose the one right for you. haha

Here is some kitty porn for all you cat lovers out there.

Tokyo also has a couple of rabbit cafes as well. Originally I was going to head to one after, but since the cats set off my allergies, I decided against going.

The internet also tells me that Japan has owl cafes and cafes where you can bring your own falcon. (google falcon cafe if you don't believe me)
Do so many people own a bird of prey that it demands a cafe specifically for them? I have no clue.

I can't speak for the other types, but I did enjoyed the cat cafe.


Are you an animal person? If so what is your dream animal cafe?
Mine would be a llama, but I guess that would just be a petting zoo that serves coffee.


  1. Did you know you can also rent a pet in Japan to say take for a walk? Very cool! Did you have a favorite?

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Really? I had no idea! haha although that is probably a good thing since I'm already spending my food budget on too many animal related activities.

    A favourite cat? I liked Kiyomori