May 17, 2014

capsule hotels // tokyo

Say hello to my new home. This isn't the first time I've been to Tokyo, but it is the first time I've stayed at a capsule hotel. Did you have cubbies in kindergarten to store your hats and mitts in the winter when you got to school? If so, capsule hotels work the same way but for human storage. There are 50ish capsules on my floor alone. Japanese people are efficiency wizards!

What is it like?

At 5'7 and a half, the capsules fit me pretty comfortably. Inside there is a mini television, clock, and outlet for your electronics. It feels like sleeping on a bunk bed, only with strangers above and beside you, instead of a sibling or a friend. Taking the jetlag into consideration, I slept pretty well over the last two nights. I've only been sleeping 3-4 hours with the time change, but it is all in deep sleep. Overall, it was a good enough experience that I extend my stay for the remaining 3 nights that I'm in Tokyo.

If you are a light sleepers, you'd hate it, as the "door" is just a curtain you pull down once you have crawled inside. As you can imagine you can hear everything, snoring, people climbing in and out of their "rooms" throughout the night etc.

I also wouldn't suggest it to anyone uncomfortable in locker rooms or change rooms. The showers are communal, one for men and one for women. If you are shy about taking off your clothes in a change room, you will likely have a hard time showering with and in front of strangers.

With that said, it turns outs, I don't have either of those issues. At the end of my trip, I also won't likely have any sense of personal space or privacy! haha

Here is the view once you are inside, in my case crouched at the end so I could take this photo. I think most capsule hotels have mini TVs inside.

Also as an FYI, when I was searching on Expedia for one to stay in, more often than not, they were "for male guest only". The unisex/female capsule hotels aren't as common. If you are a female interested in staying in a capsule hotel, book early and check that it isn't just for the boys club.


Would you ever try out a capsule hotel if you ever found yourself in Japan?


  1. i would definitely love to try a capsule hotel. how would you compare the experience (and cost) with a hostel? also, im curious if many tourists stay at capsule hotels, or if you found they mainly cater to locals - and by locals i mean superhuman hardworking salarymen/women!

  2. I haven't stayed at a hostel yet so I'll tell you once I have later in the trip :)
    The one I'm at is very clean and I feel really safe.
    It is a mix actually. During the weekday it is emptier and seems to have primarily tourists. There were more locals on the weekend and was more full.