May 16, 2014

and so it begins

Sorry for being AWOL for the last couple weeks. Everything flew by like a whirlwind and I just wasn't able to find the time to write anything. If you are following me on facebookinstragram, or twitter, you know that I'm currently in Tokyo.

The image above is from Pearson Airport in Toronto, one final look before getting on the plane. Sitting at the gate and waiting to board, I realized how much I was going to miss all my friends and family. Previously, I had never experienced feeling homesick and instead always got travel withdrawal after long trips. This time was different.

My eyes welled with tears thinking about not being able to see any familiar faces for 3.5 months and I had a few moments of doubt. (Luckily and by pure coincidence, my flight attendant friend Jing was flying out the same day and found me at my gate to send me off - Hi Jing!)

It has been funny to hear, "oh you are so brave" every time I tell someone about this trip, because I'm not. I am scared and anxious and already miss a  lot of people, but the only other option would be to not take the leap and always look back in regret. That makes it an easy decision, even if it means that I will ugly cry in front of strangers at every airport. (haha ok it wasn't that bad, I only had silent tears streaming from my eyes for a few minutes.)

Fear has this uncontrollable way of making you doubt your choices and abilities. It is inevitable, but when you know there is something you want, you can't let it get the better of you. Once I'm more settled and get a chance to blog about Japan, I will start a series of posts on "the whys" of my trip. It'll give you some background and serve as a reminder for me when I have to push through the tough parts.

Also a huge thank to everyone who sent well-wishes and support via facebook and reminded me that this is what I want and that I can do this! :) I love you guys!


Clearly, the goodbyes aren't my forte. What are the hardest parts of travel for you? 


  1. julia@maybepoquitoMay 16, 2014 at 10:49 PM

    I have those teary moments at the airports quite a bit. I remember the first time I was flying back home to visit my family with my 5 month old daughter all on my own! I was doing pretty well until I found out that my "direct to Frankfurt" flight was going to stop in Montreal only to "pick up passengers" They made us leave the plane, I did not get the stroller, so it was just me and my hands for about 5 hours with my baby. Cried. Of course that meant I was not going to catch the connection to Berlin where my family would be waiting for me. I cried again. I had lots of time (with my stroller this time) in Frankfurt and it turned out to be quite relaxing actually. At least I was in Europe already and I had lots of duty free stores with the best German and Swiss chocolate... ;) Every time I leave home to come back to Canada I cry of course as well.....Lots of ups and downs with travelling but they make you stronger and braver!

  2. *big hug* hardest parts of travel for me are missing the big milestones and the regular activities with friends and fam...I have missed out on plenty of those in the past! But I think you'll do a good job of staying in touch via blogs/twitter etc, which is the most important thing! Xo

  3. Oh Julia that sounds like a horrible time. I can't believe airlines are allowed to make changes to direct flights like that!
    haha the downs definitely build character. I agree, most of the times the lower points are fleeting. :)

  4. Thanks Jan! <3 haha more so than not it is so everyone knows I'm alive and well. Hopefully I don't have any wifi trouble later on!